Here, Up High​.​.​. I'm Free!

from by James Wyatt

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Look at me, I'm better than the
worker ants, all toiling mindless.
I have left the greedy selfish
sheeple down, and a far behind.
Opened eyes, I'm living now, I
can't recall such blissful moments.
Morbid days seem ages past,
used to drag and suck my life but

What could grant such adulation?
Nothing from the world below me!
No one down there cares to learn me,
so I leave them dying daily.
Born anew among the birds,
traversing worlds known to no others,
I alone will reap the bounty
harvest all the thrilling sun as...

Here... up high...
I'm free, I'm mine

Hard to think how just this morning
I was on my way to bordom.
Marking cents on someone's dollar,
micromanaged, propagandized.
Then at once surprise solution,
missed by others shown unto me,
breaks me from the inside out and
soaring stratospheric, laughing.

Cannot stress my new sensation,
strange at once yet quite familiar.
No agenda, punching time clock.,
here I answer no one ever.
Will not care a second for them,
now so perfectly beneath me.
Will not waste the time it'd take
to slow enough to spit upon them!

Here... up high...
I'm free, I'm mine

I don't miss you! I don't need you!
Want and want, you make me bleed through.
Never gave me, never graved me,
overdrawn, you could have saved me!
Well for once, this table's turned!
Struck down there, it's you who's spurned.
Fight each other, ink out your lives,
pray one day your car arrives.
Will will help you? Who will feed you?
Stroke your egos, false complete you?
Wanna date me? Rather hate me?
Out of range, you cannot bait me!
Paltry lives and nothing chances,
grope for blindly missed romances.
Years and years, endured the grind,
my turn now! It's quitting time!


from Flying Car, released September 10, 2013



all rights reserved


James Wyatt Houston, Texas

I now work alone, puttering with what I have and record to computer. I love writing but have a hard time actually recording. It's a fun process, even if no one really hears these songs.

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